Welcome to Jason's Plecos & Cichlids LLC

If you are looking for plecos (Loricariidae), you have come to the right place. We import and stock one of the most diverse selections of pleco species in the USA. Currently we have imported 177 different types and species of plecos which includes several color phases, wild short body, long and shortfin plecos and new collection points since 2019. Each shipment we try to bring in something new from the biggest of plecos to the smallest. We also have had several first-time species in the USA such as the albino Luteus, albino Parancistrus aurantiacus, Hypostomus jaguribensis, Hypostomus alatus, albino Rubbernose pleco, albino South American Bumblebee Catfish, leucistic unknown species of Corydoras, the original Honda Panaque cochliodon, Crenicichla rosemariae and many more. The Rhinelepis strigosa, which is the rarest of all plecos, was also imported by us. We have also imported Australian Lungfish.



Union, Kentucky

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