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At Jason's Plecos & Cichlids we do our best to source fish for any customers budget. We are able to supply the most common of fish up to some of the rarest and one-off fish. We offer special orders, pre-orders, wholesale and others. 

Not only was I lucky enough to find the exact pleco I’d been searching for but was also lucky enough in the aspect of being able to go get the little guy the same day I ordered it. Really nice guy that takes the time to make sure the fish are doing well and provided me with the info I needed to make sure my purchases had everything they’ll need. Thanks again Jason, I’m looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Patrick Thompson
We purchased a L441and a L262 plus received a spectracanthicus murinus from Jason today. We seriously could not be happier. He made the process so easy and is always available to answer any questions. My man and I have now purchased 5 fish from Jason in the past month, 2 orange cheeks too, and we are more than pleased with the fish and experiences. It is a 26 hour round trip for us to pick up our fish and it is worth every dollar spent. Jason will forever have our business and can't wait for our next purchase. I'm hoping for a candy pleco to be in stock next.
Melissa Prestin
Unbelievable purchasing experience from beginning to end. I live in a large metro area with plenty of LFS, so I’ve never had to purchased online, so you can understand my HUGE hesitation on dropping a few hundred dollars on a first time purchase, without having ever doing it before. What an incredible experience, and great decision it was!! Jason’s communication is a 15 out of 10. I was able to freely ask questions, which were quickly answered, and I received updates and pictures through out the process. I had a small hiccup in shipping, which was of NO FAULT of Jason’s, but he went above and beyond in helping me get it quickly taken care of. My fish arrived in excellent condition, and were extremely well packed, and now are thriving in their new home. I will be a frequent customer, and already working on my next purchase!! Can’t wait for his inventory to grow! 5 out of 5!!!
Lukas Parr
Thank you Jason and Jardini International for making my dream came true. Owning an Australian lungfish. It was my dream fish for the longest time ever, and i never thought i could own one. The lung, my girlfriend and i named Tofu, arrived in perfect condition after 13 hours and 3 flights. I've been ordering fish online for a long time, but Jason is the only one who i can trust with packaging fish. It took my a good 5 minutes just to get to Tofu. He even give Tofu a blanket that wrapped around the bag just to keep him warm! I can just keep on going about how good the packaging was, but in the end, all i can say it thank you, we're really appreciated for Tofu, our newest baby!
Dom Pham



Union, Kentucky

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