Terms and Conditions
Do you sex fish? We don’t guarantee a 100% accurate sex of any fish. We will show you what is available and you can pick out what you think may be male and female. We will not remove any fish from the tanks to sex as we don’t want to stress the fish out.
Can you special order fish? Yes there can be special orders of fish that normally are not ordered. Special orders are to be paid 100% in full before being shipped out from South America, no exceptions. From time to time we will post fish that are special order only. If you are looking for a fish that you don’t see on the list, send us what you are looking for and we will contact the exporters to see if any are available.

What about species of fish that are illegal? We are aware of most fish that are illegal in each state, but that list can change at any time so it is up to the buyer to research that species of fish to make sure it’s not illegal such as stingrays in California. Please do not ask about Snakeheads or Asian Arowana, those fish are completely illegal to import and possess in the United States.

CITES regulates the international trade in species listed on its Appendices, including Asian Arowana, which is listed on Appendix I. This means that no commercial international trade in this species is allowed. Captive bred specimens are exempted under certain circumstances.

The Asian arowana, Scleropages formosus, is protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Under the ESA, it is unlawful to import, export, take, transport, sell, purchase, or receive in interstate or foreign commerce any species listed as endangered or threatened. You can view the list of species protected under ESA.

Please be advised that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) treaty, in Article 14, states that the provisions in CITES shall in no way affect the right of party countries to adopt stricter domestic legislation regarding the trade in CITES specimens. The ESA is our “stricter domestic legislation.”

Therefore, even if the trade in Asian arowanas is allowed by CITES, it is still prohibited under the ESA.

What shipping carriers do you use? All fish are shipped using FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines Cargo or Delta Cargo. We prefer to use Southwest as they are the most reliable. If Southwest is not available in your region we will use the next best option. All fish are shipped same day or next day air. There will be no 2 day shipping. Side note for FedEx – in the event they are late delivering a shipment, damage the shipment resulting it dead fish, they will not accept your claim of the dead fish or shipping. Live fish are listed as “Prohibited Items” in the FedEx Service Guide-Restrictions List. Dry goods can be sent via FedEx, UPS, USPS or within your fish shipment. FedEx shipments can also be picked up at the nearest available hub, please verify how far away from the hub you are before agreeing to have the fish shipped to the hub.

Who pays for shipping? Shipping is paid for by the customer. When you pick up the fish at the airport you will have to pay the shipping charges. Please have your ID ready as they will need to verify you as well as the AWB # aka Airway Bill Number. With FedEx you will pay us upfront as we have to deliver the shipment to FedEx.

What heat packs do you use? We use 40-72 hour heat packs. We could use 24 hours but just in case there are any delays in the shipping process, the extra hours of heat will give us a buffer and hopefully the fish will be fine. You can choose which one, there is a small price difference between the two. All heat packs are tested first to see if they are activated when opened. Sometimes heat packs do not activate when opened so we make sure all are working before being taped to the inside of the box.

What boxes are used for shipping fish? FedEx has strict standards when shipping and all shippers must be approved by FedEx. We will use the same standards when shipping via Cargo. Boxes are a minimum 275 lb burst strength.

What mm bags do you use? We use 4 MM bags for most shipments and 3 MM for others. It really depends on the type of fish. Example, if we ship a small pleco species it will be in double/triple 4 MM bags, a small cichlid such as an Oscar may be in a 3 MM bag. All fish are always 100% double bagged at the very least. Extremely large fish will be shipped differently all together, the shipping method will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Why is the water blue? When shipping fish we add Methylene Blue, this helps with any possible diseases, ammonia, nitrite, fungal or parasites during transit of a possible stressed fish. This is as a precaution, using Methylene Blue does not guarantee in any way that a fish will not come in with a disease over the course of the shipping process. This also helps the fish live in lower oxygen levels during transport.

Does the customer pay for the heat packs, boxes and any packaging material? We figure in the cost of all those items into each shipment. The larger the shipment the more we can spread out the cost of those items. This is why you may see the price fluctuate on fish from time to time.

Do I send payment based off of the current stock list? Stock lists can be updated at any time. We do our best to update the stock quantity. Stock changes are based on first come first serve basis. Whatever order is in the system first will be processed before newer orders. Should a fish no longer be available I will contact you with the details you submitted to see what you would like to do so we can either cancel or update the order.

Do you beat competitor’s prices? We price our fish very competitively and do our best to have the best prices. If our prices are higher and you find them cheaper somewhere else we will either match or beat the price based off our discretion.

What happens when the temperature is very cold or hot? During extreme weather such as below 0 or colder and sometimes during extreme heat, shipping may be delayed due to the temperatures. Once the weather stabilizes back to safer temperatures we will continue shipping. 

Do you ship during holidays? Yes we ship during the holidays. Shipping with FedEx after Thanksgiving may not be available as they are usually extremely busy with holiday packages and you run the risk of the package arriving late. During those times only AP to AP (Airport to Airport) will be available.

Can you hold fish for a customer? No, we do not hold fish for anyone unless full payment is made. There is no layaway option. If you pay in full and then decide you no longer want the fish, there will be a 50% restocking fee and we will refund the balance.

What form of payment do you accept? Currently only PayPal and cash will be accepted. Payment needs to be paid in full before any fish is shipped out. The only method of PayPal payments will be Pay for goods or services. This is so both the buyer and the seller are protected. Please do not send via Friends and Family.

Why do other online stores require the customer to pay their 3% PayPal fee? The short answer is don’t shop with them. Having the customer pay for their fees is in violation of the PayPal User Agreement. We don’t charge that fee, so feel free to make an order with us. Why shop with someone that will charge you a different price on an item just because you pay with PayPal? The PayPal fee is the sellers expense for using a payment processor which is PayPal, not the customers.

How do I place an order? Start off by selecting the stock list catch location menu and then select the sub-menu such as Peru or Suriname in which you would like to buy a fish from. Once you find a fish that is in stock, click add to cart and then finish the checkout procedure. We will be in contact with you via email so be sure all information is complete and accurate, otherwise this may delay the process. Depending on the fish you purchased, time of year, etc. we will determine the best method for shipping. If we decide on FedEx then we will send you an invoice for FedEx shipping from PayPal. If we decide on airport to airport, you will pay for the shipping charges at the time of pickup at the airport.

I was sent the wrong fish, what do I do? All fish arrive with a species ID from the exporter. There can be some cases when a fish is incorrectly identified. If you paid more for this fish than what it is supposed to be sold at and we can for certain identify it is the wrong species, we will issue a refund of the difference. If you paid a lower price for a fish that is not identified correctly but actually sells for more, consider this a gift from us.

My new fish is killing the other fish, what do I do? You must research compatible tank mates for any fish. Each and every fish has a different personality, what works for one person may not work for another. This is why it’s always good to have a backup aquarium.

I submitted an order but haven’t heard a response, what do I do? You can always send us a message via the Contact Us page or Facebook. Should we be unavailable there will be an announcement on this site and our Facebook page. Please be sure to check those two before sending a message.

How long does it take to process an order before I am notified? All orders are processed ASAP. There can be a delay at times depending on the amount of orders we have received. Please allow 24 hours before contacting us.

How do I track my fish shipment? We will send you a FedEx tracking number the day it is shipped. Packages are delivered by 10:30 AM or before. If a shipment is not delivered by 10:30 AM or sooner make sure you call FedEx ASAP to get an updated status, this is your responsibility as this is out of our control. For flights we will send you an AWB (Airway Bill Number). You must track the AWB to see when the flight is scheduled to arrive, again this is your responsibility as this is out of our control. Flights are often delayed or there are multiple stops so be sure to track the shipment. Always make sure to call ahead to the airport before making the drive to make sure the plane has landed and are ready to be picked up. Have the agent verify that your shipment is indeed ready for pickup, you will need to give them the AWB. Typically it takes about 30-60 minutes for the items to be unloaded and processed, it’s always good to be a few minutes early if possible. Every airport is different so the estimated 30-60 minutes could be short or longer so be prepared.

Do you give discounts? The price you see listed is the price for the fish. Unless otherwise noted, there will be no discounts for multiple fish purchases. There may be special promotions during the holidays, coupons available, etc. Those will be announced on this site and Facebook. Once we build up a repeat buyer base, we will have promotions such as spend $1000 and receive 10% off your next order, something along those lines. 

Do you take returns? Fish are non-returnable.

Can you meet locally? Yes we can meet up locally within 30-60 minutes driving time by appointment only.

Can I meet you at the airport to pick up my fish? No because we don’t know which box your fish is in and we don’t want to delay the fish being processed.

Are the fish measurements accurate? Yes all fish measurements will be accurate. They will be priced according to their size in ranges such as a group of 4-6″ fish may cost $20 when a group of fish 8-10″ will be $40. We will show you the size of the fish next to a ruler that you are purchasing.

Can you ship me fish directly to my house from the exporter? No we can’t ship directly to you from the exporter. All fish are picked up at the airport and taken back to the shop to be processed.

How often do you ship out orders? Orders are typically shipped out approximately 1-10 days after payment type has cleared. We ship out Monday – Thursday for FedEx. There is no FedEx shipping on Friday. If you buy a fish and we determine that fish is not yet ready to be shipped then it will be shipped out the following weekend, but there can still be exceptions. We don’t ship fish when they have ate, we like to wait about 3-4 days before shipping fish. Since there is no filter, waste from the fish can cause an ammonia spike and ultimately kill or sicken the fish. Fish health is the top priority.

What if my fish is DOA – aka Dead on Arrival, will I be refunded for the fish? DOA’s will be taken care of on a case by case basis. This is a risky area for both the buyer and the seller. There are many reasons as to why a fish is dead on arrival and both parties will need to see exactly what happened. First and foremost there will need to be a video of the dead fish in question to show us as proof of a DOA. Photos may be accepted on a case by case basis and both photos and video must be clear, no dark photos, dark videos or anything that makes it difficult to identify the dead fish. Always take a video as you are opening the box so we can see first hand the dead fish in the newly opened box. Do not under any circumstances remove the dead fish and toss it in the trash, this will automatically void any guarantee from us and possibly the airport.

Is shipping refunded? – Under any circumstance shipping will NOT be refunded.

What if I can’t pick up the fish at the scheduled time?  You must be available to pick up the fish at the airport at the planes scheduled arrival time; you will VOID any guarantee on the shipment if you are late.

What if I’m not home during delivery for FedEx? You will VOID any guarantee on the shipment if you are not home to bring the fish inside and properly acclimate them. Once you open the box and the fish are all alive, there is no more guarantee of their survival. The fish are now in your care. FedEx generally makes 3 attempts to deliver your package. Most of the time they should leave a note on your door stating they were there for a delivery. You must be available for the first attempt. We have no idea how long the driver carries the package with them before they attempt to make a second or third attempt. If you are not available for the third attempted delivery you must call FedEx and pick the package up at the end of their shift. Typically they unload their trucks at the end of the day. You must do this ASAP otherwise they will send the package back to us. You will not be refunded if this happens, this is 100% customer responsibility. By the time the fish arrive back us the rate of DOA is extremely high. Even if the fish do arrive alive and well there still will be no refund. FedEx has the right to charge us for disposal of refused items. 

Should I quarantine my new fish? Every hobbyist needs to understand, even with a fish being in quarantine for example 2-3 weeks and sometimes longer, it’s feeding, no visible signs of diseases, very active, etc. if the fish is stressed it can easily develop visible signs within a few hours such as during the shipping process. This does not mean we shipped out a sick fish; this is something totally out of our control. No matter who you purchase fish from you must always quarantine fish, no matter how nice that persons tank is, how clean and clear the water appears to be, how good of a condition the fish appears to visibly be, etc. We can’t guarantee that every single fish that we ship out is parasite, etc. free. Fish can be susceptible to diseases at any point in their life in any aquarium. Most diseases are invisible to the naked eye or internal but we will do our absolute best to make sure each and every fish is as healthy as can be. You don’t want to risk the chance of spreading any kind of disease when first introducing new fish in an established aquarium, always quarantine fish.

Shipment came in damaged, fish are dead or barely alive; what do I do? We all know and probably heard of how shipping companies handle boxes, how shipments are lost, delayed flights and so on. Unless it is our direct wrong doing such as we forgot a heat pack or forgot to add oxygen, something that is in our control, then we will gladly issue a 100% refund for the price of the fish, but not shipping as stated above or you can wait for us to send you another fish of equal value or the same fish if it’s in stock. You can also file a claim with the airport if they have lost your shipment, arrived late or if it came in damaged and the fish are dead. If the box came in damaged, wet, or arrived late, make sure you open the box at the airport to check on the fish to make sure they are alive. If they are dead make sure the agent sees the issue and file the complaint ASAP. You will also need to send us photos of any DOA arrivals within 1 hour of the planes actual scheduled arrival time no matter if it’s an issue with the carrier or myself.

The fish died in my aquarium, what do I do? If a fish were to die in your aquarium, this is out of our control no matter if the fish is in your aquarium for 5 minutes or 5 days. Once the 1 hour of pickup after the plane arrives on time expires, there is no more guarantee. Fish are living animals that can pass away at any time, from being in one type of water to another, temperature swings, age of the fish, being stressed out, PH issues, acclimating, etc. Fish dying in your aquarium is not a means of DAA (Dead After Arrival) and will not be refunded, no exceptions. Everyone has their own method of acclimating fish; we do a drip acclimation between 20-30 minutes long with our shipments.

Will you be in contact with the buyer? For each shipment we will be in contact with the buyer. Photos of the purchased fish will be sent via email or text to show its current condition, how long it’s been in quarantine, etc. No fish will EVER be shipped if the buyer/seller is not happy with the condition of the fish. A video will be taken to show the fish being bagged and boxed up with the proper supplies such as heat packs and oxygen.