Neoceratodus Forsteri (Queensland Lungfish) Australian Lungfish


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Queensland (Australian) Lungfish Group Buy

Jason’s Plecos and Cichlids LLC has partnered with Jardini International to bring in 10 to 50 or more Queensland (Australian) Lungfish.

These are 100% legal and ship with CITES to bring them into the US. The customer receives Certificate of Authenticity from CITES registered breeder with certified microchip numbers from Australian Government.

Size: 3.9” – 5.5” Approximately. I will not be measuring the Lungfish; I do not want to be handling or stressing them out. Whichever Lungfish I ship is the one you take, no exceptions.

Price: $1854 Per Lungfish – No discounts on multiple ordered Lungfish. Each order will need to be paid 100% in full. No PayPal eChecks as it takes too long to clear, no exceptions.

Shipping: Shipping will only be via Southwest Airlines Cargo via NFG (Next Flight Guarantee), Standard or local pickup, no exceptions. No FedEx, USPS, UPS, Delta, DHL, etc. Expect shipping to be $54-$110 depending on where you are. I will not be giving quotes out so please expect around the amount I listed above, in some places it could be more expensive. The more fish you order the more expensive shipping will be.

Oxygen: Pure oxygen will be used from Jardini International and Jason’s Plecos and Cichlids LLC.

Availability: The Lungfish will be immediately available for local pickup. For flights they will be available in approximately 2-5 days, repackaged with new oxygen and shipped.

Captive Bred: All Lungfish are captive bred; they are not wild which is illegal and not microchipped. They need to be microchipped in order to be legal, otherwise they are illegal and should be reported to the USFWS.

Pickup: You must be available and ready to pickup your Lungfish as soon as it’s available. This is not something to wait around on all day, please be sure to be at the airport as it’s landing so as soon as it’s ready you pay for the shipping and immediately take it home. Once you have paid for shipping there is no more DOA guarantee. If you are late you VOID the Live Arrival Guarantee, no exceptions.

Acclimate: Everyone has their own method of acclimating. Whichever method you use please be patient when acclimating. We recommend to add 1 liter of your tank water to their bag every 15 mins for 1 hour. Use aeration at the same time.

Quarantine: Always quarantine your fish, no matter who you receive fish from.

Sex: The Lungfish will not be sexed.

Water Temperature: Their current water temperature is 77-80 degrees.

Current Diet: Their current diet consists of sinking Hikari carnivore pellets once a day. Long term they need a varied diet with plants, veggies, fruit, prawns, fish and pellets. Current Lungfish at JPC are being fed Fluval Bug Bites, peas and shrimp.

Guarantee: All Lungfish are DOA Guaranteed from Jardini International and DOA Guarantee from Jason’s Plecos and Cichlids LLC.

DOA: Should a Lungfish be DOA from Jardini International, I will use wheel decide to decide which person will be refunded. Your number on the wheel will be the number in which you paid for your fish. If you are the 15th person to send payment, you will be number 15 on the wheel, same with everyone else, no exceptions. I will spin the wheel one time and one time only, no exceptions. You will then be immediately refunded the $1854.00.

Research: Please do your research before purchasing, make yourself well aware of the care they need, the tank they need, the size of the tank needed as they grow and their diet. I will not be answering questions about these Lungfish mentioned above.

How to pay: Please visit…/queensland-lungfish/ to place your order. You will be paying via PayPal. The price per Lungfish is $1854, I have added the 3% fee ($54.00) PayPal will automatically take per $1800 order. For your protection please pay with – Pay for an item or service, do not use Sending to a friend. These Lungfish are too expensive to take a 3% hit on every order which is $54.00. The total you will see on the site is $1854.00 which includes the $54.00.

Please no tire kickers, you must be ready to pay, the sooner we get the group order the sooner everyone receives their Lungfish. There will be no holding or reserve and pay later. Send payment when you are ready.

Orders will be placed with Jardini International once we have reached a certain amount of paid orders. We need to make this order as big as possible so everyone that has wanted a Lungfish can finally get their dream fish. I will make the announcement to everyone when the orders have been placed and will update everyone on the status via email. Only the customers who have ordered will be contacted via email with a group email.

This document can be updated at any time. Any errors in wording, etc. will be corrected as they are found or brought to our attention.


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This is a special order, prepay, group buy only as there are many fees associated with importing into the country. If you are interested please contact us.


Special Note: The image of the young Queensland Lungfish was approved to be used on this website by Jason Coe of Jardini International.